Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Little Things in Life

Hiya peoples!
I realized two super awesome things today! Don't worry, I'll share:

1. This past weekend at my street's block party (yes my street is that cool), I acquired a candy dispenser similar to a Pez dispenser, but instead it uses Sweet Tarts. And just like Pez dispensers, it's got a fun little character on top. This one happens to be a penguin, which in itself is all kinds of awesome. I've been treating it like a Pez dispenser, and slowly letting the candy come out, but today... I see the side of the label says "Warning: Do not aim at eyes or face." My brain churns for a minute, and I think 'aim? You can aim this thing?' THEN - I come to the ultimate realization that this thing FLINGS CANDY! Now if you had something like that you can't tell me it wouldn't just make your day, right? Right! So needless to say I've been firing Sweet Tarts at people for the rest of the day. Be jealous. =)

2. My brother bought Rockband 2 on Monday, and first of all the injustice is that it took me two whole days before I played it!!! But, no fear, I did play it earlier today. The gameplay is essentially the same as Rockband, which I have no complaints about cause there wasn't really anything wrong with that. One of the amusing (to me at least) new things is that there are more pre-developed characters that have names and everything this time. (American Johnny is pretty sweet.) In between playing songs, I was glancing at the game box and saw something along the lines of 'works with most game instruments.' I figure, let's try the Guitar Hero 3 guitar and see what happens. And wouldn't you know... IT WORKS!!! Day made all over again right there!!! This means that I can use the Guitar Hero 3 guitar to play Rockband, which is awesome because A) I prefer that to the feel of the Rockband guitar and B) we can now have a four-person band instead of just three. WIN! I'm very excited about future rock sessions now. =)

My getting ROCKBAND 2 is worthy of a post all it's own really. 84 new songs and we've signed up to get 20 free bonus ones to download in the near future. And in addition to that we threw down the five bucks to import all our Rockband songs onto the Rockband 2 game. So once we get crackin and unlock more songs on the new game, the available song list will be GINORMOUS!


Thanks for sharing my excitement. Now I gotta 'grow up' and do schoolwork. Peace out homies!

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rebelliousflaw said...

Stay away from me with the faux pez dispenser thingy!