Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Learning is Fun!

The Wrestling Mayhem Show has a tradition where the show closes with everybody sharing what they have learned from wrestling within the past week. I have decided that I learned so much this week in wrestling, that it is worthy of its very own list. So I'm gonna list away!

What I learned from IWC this week is...

-> that Delirious likes Hentai's style.
-> that loving a title belt makes you a pervert.
-> that Sami Callihan lives on the last house on the left. And he will kill Darth Vader.
-> that the IWC entranceway needs to have a built in metal detector.
-> that Chuck Roberts does a nice JBL impression.
-> that J-Rocc and Shane Taylor don't match.
-> that 9-year-olds don't have to know what a suplex is, but should be able to use the word asshole.
-> that Larry Sweeney is now just sour.

What I learned from WWE this week is...

-> that Festus uses a Mariachi Band to show his romantic feelings.
-> that I can't understand Kizarny.
-> that Funaki is kung fu fighting.
-> that you can get a gimmick makeover after years of practically not existing (see: Funaki).
-> that Khali has more game than Primo.
-> that Goldust does not like cross dressers.
-> that Jericho looks good in a suit even without a title belt on his shoulder.

Looking at this list, I would say what I learned in wrestling is much more interesting than what I learned in any of my classes this week. You really can learn so much from the world of sports-entertainment!

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Tsk Tsk.

It is no longer "Sports Entertainment"

It is just "Entertainment!!!"